Commercial Applications
Optimised for energy savings

FW provides VFD solutions specifically designed for a variety of industries and customised for each site and application.
Motors are used everywhere. Roughly one third of the world’s electrical energy is consumed by AC electric motors fixed-speed centrifugal pump, fan and compressor applications. This highlights an incredible opportunity for energy efficiency improvements through VFD retrofit installations.
We understand motors. FW has the experience and technical expertise required to optimise a motor’s efficiency for its specific application. By running your equipment at the lowest possible motor speed, we are able to maximise the energy savings available to each motor – often achieving reductions between 30 – 75% .
Whatever the Industry or application, FW’s Solutions are designed to reduce wasted energy by precisely matching motor speed with load demand, and to dramatically cut power usage. Variable Frequency operations naturally reduce mechanical stress and motor wear & tear, thereby typically requiring less maintenance, and prolonging system life. VFDs are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs, and these savings are immediately realized, going straight to your bottom line.
More detailed information is available for your industry: