Our History
Founded on Innovation

Working with AC motors for more than 40 years

Working with AC Motors for more than 40 years has afforded FW an invaluable understanding of how to optimize a motor’s efficiency with Variable Frequency Drives. We have extensive knowledge of all motor applications, from pumps and fans to compressors and refrigeration systems. At FW, we believe partnering with experts in specific industries provides our clients the most cost effective solution available, and our ‘turnkey’ solution starts from the initial site installation to commissioning and maintenance support.
More than 10 years of research & development, trials and engineering tests, has afforded FW the ability to create a custom built VFD system, specifically designed and attuned for optimal energy savings with each individual motor. This experience and knowledge in using VFD’s with electric motors is invaluable, and frequently, suppliers lack a proficiency with both technologies which drastically limits a capacity to maximise energy savings.