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Energy efficiency is the biggest untapped opportunity globally

Estimates suggest energy efficiency improvements could deliver more than 1/3 of the cuts in emissions needed to slow global warming in Australia over the next 25 years. Furthermore, by using energy more efficiently these precious resources will last longer, and, will also save up to $ 5 Billion.
The energy saving potential in industries which use AC motors is truly enormous. Nearly 70 percent of all electrical energy consumed by industry is used by the millions of electrical motors installed worldwide. Every year, several more million motors are added. These motors are the workhorses of industry, driving pumps, fans, compressors, and processes in virtually all industrial sectors. Not only are pumps and fans numerous, they also have the greatest energy saving potential.

We believe in an energy efficiency target for Australia

“We could meet all the growth in our energy needs over the next decade simply by using the energy we waste now. Australia should follow Europe, China and the US and set a serious energy efficiency target. The Council recommends that Australia cut energy demand by 20 per cent below business-as-usual by 2020.” EECP – 2013.

Strong source of emissions reductions

Energy efficiency could deliver approximately 50% of the carbon cuts that Australia needs to meet a positive emission reduction target for 2020. Australia and has a responsibility to continue to improve our efficiency, and as the EE council’s report (2012 suggests), a dedicated energy efficiency policies could cut emissions by an extra 50 Megatonnes a year1.
(Source: ClimateWorks Australia 2010, A Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia. Figures for annual savings are in 2020 unless stated otherwise.

Save the economy $5 billion a year

Energy efficiency saves money simply because it uses less of a valuable resource. Even without climate change, urgent action on energy efficiency makes sense. ClimateWorks Australia estimated that if we improved the energy efficiency of our economy, by 2020 Australian homes and businesses would save $5 billion every year.