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Brighton Swim School

  • Location: Brighton, Victoria, Australia
  • Application: 6 x 1.55kW (2HP) Pool Filtration & Heat Pump
  • Run time: 24/7/365
  • Energy Saving: ~47%
  • Motor/Pump: Grundfos 1 ph

Brighton Swim School is a 33 year old private learn to swim facility located in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. The school has three heated, indoor teaching pools onsite and all pools are heated year round.

The swim school is well known for it’s exceptional water quality, which it takes great pride in. All pools have their water quality monitored constantly, and ensuring this water quality remained consistent was paramount to the school’s success.

The facility operates 6 x 1.55kW single phase pool pumps running 24 hours day, 7 days a week, consuming significant amounts of energy. Future Wave 2.2kW Commercial Pool units were installed with inbuilt 24 hour time clocks, so as to synchronise the pump energy consumption with peak and off peak electricity rates.

The filtration pumps were set at a frequency of 35.0 Hertz during the day, and 40.5 Hertz overnight, with the heat pumps set to 42.5 Hertz constantly. The installation provided a reduction of approximately 47% in energy costs across the 6 pumps with combined peak and off peak tariffs.