55% less energy use
saving an estimated $8,000 p.a.

Queensland Native Fish Hatchery

  • Location: Childers, QLD, Australia
  • Application: 5.5kW (3HP) Circulation Pump
  • Run time: 24/7/365
  • Energy Saving: ~55%

Qld Native Fish Hatchery runs 12 Paddle Wheels on 12 individual dams, using three phase power. Prior to the use of FW’s solution, running costs were high with no ability to control Paddle Wheel speed or output to accommodate seasons, weather conditions or to regulate oxygen levels.

The constant high speed and output of the Paddle Wheel motors resulted in significant maintenance costs, and the need to replace an average of one motor per month at a total cost of of approximately $4,000 per annum. The monthly replacement of motors also resulted in significant disruption to the businesses and costly downtime.

The hatchery has installed 10 FW three phase variable speed units across its ponds. The plug-in and plug-out ability of units provides the ability for movement of the unit between ponds if required. FW’s VFD solution has provided complete control of Paddle Wheel speed and output, facilitating seasonal and other adjustments.

Use of FW’s solution has resulted in greatly reduced running costs ( saving ~$8,000 p.a.). Further cost reductions have been achieved via the elimination of motor replacements (saving ~$4,000 p.a.); as well as reduced maintenance costs and downtime.