More than 50% energy reduction

Rivage Royale Apartments

  • Location: Southport, Queensland, Australia
  • Application: 75kW (90HP) Condensed Water Pump (Cooling Tower)
  • Run time: 24/7/365
  • Energy Saving: ~50%
  • Motor/Pump: TECO motor direct coupled with Southern Cross Pump

The Rivage Royale is one of the Gold Coast’s most affluent buildings, located in beautiful Southport Queensland. This luxury 3 tower apartment complex boasts more than 500 apartments, and provides exclusive facilities such as tennis courts, gymnasium, pools, spas and a lifestyle which is second to none.

The facility has 1 x 75kW chilled water pump which drives the air conditioning system for 2 towers in the complex. The system provides AC across 28 floors, occupying more than 300 apartments.

The original energy demand for the Pump was some 65kW/hr as a continuous load. After the installation and commissioning of FW’s Intelligent Inverter System, this load has been reduced to some 32kW/hr to adequately service the air conditioning requirements, equating to an approximate saving of 50%.


Pump Original Consumption: 65kW
Per annum: 586,920 kWh
Energy Cost @ 15 cents per kWh: $85,410.00

Pump Post FW Installation: 32kW
Per annum: 201,480 kWh
Energy Cost @ 15 cents per kWh: $42,048.00

Total Savings per annum: $43,362.00