60% less energy use
on a SWER 480V motor

Wallace Dairy Farm

  • Location: Warnambool, VIC, Australia
  • Application: 7.5kW (10HP) Vacuum Pump
  • Run time: 2 x 4 hour milking sessions
  • Energy Saving: ~60%

Wallace Dairy is a 500 cattle dairy farm located in a rural farming community area near Warnambool, Victoria. A 7.5kW Vacuum Pump (SWER 480 Volt) is used to drive the milking system, critical to the dairy’s day to day operations.

Future Wave™ technology was specifically designed and retro-fitted to this type of motor, providing significant energy savings of approximately 60% (@ 38.0 Hertz).

This project is a major achievement for Future Wave™, given Variable Frequency Drives are not commonly applied to these motors effectively. Future Wave Technical Director – Mac Allen, has more than 40 year’s experience working with motors, and was able to develop a unique and specific method to apply this system for 480 volt SWER motors in Dairy & Farming applications.