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Intelligent Inverter Solutions

Saving Energy for Electric Motors

Combining Proprietary Programming With VFD Technology


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Residential Swimming Pools

Simple Plug-In Solution

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Reduce Energy Costs & Prolong Motor Life

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Aquatics & Recreation Centres

Significant Cost Savings & Improved Filtration

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Farming & Irrigation

Retrofit Existing Motors

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Hotels & Commercial Property

Reduce Carbon Footprint & Improve Energy Efficiency

Cut Costs

Energy savings of between 35% and 75% are typically achieved using FW WORLDWIDE’s technology.

Increase Motor Life

Reduced wear and tear occur from decreasing the motor’s constant maximal output.

Reduce Emissions

FW WORLDWIDE’s technology saves around 140 tonnes of carbon p.a. on a 30kW motor (run 24/7).

Decrease Noise

Reduced motor speeds and stresses provide substantial reductions in Noise Pollution.

Showcase of Our Latest Commercial Projects

Browse some of FW WORLDWIDE’s latest commercial projects in a range of industries.

Optimising a motor’s efficiency is our passion.


FW WORLDWIDE uses only the highest quality components from around the world. From LS industrial systems to VFDs to IFM transducers, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional quality work in every aspect of our business.

Confidence through 40 years of experience underpins our ability to provide the most efficient VFD solution available.

Our customers are our focus. we are dedicated to help each and every customer achieve optimal energy saving results.


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80% noise reduction! I cannot understand why all pools in Qld do not have a future wave.

Paul Wilghtman

Residential Customer
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Simple and easy installation, we are thrilled to be saving $300 per quarter.

S&J Roope

Residential Customer
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I would recommend a Future Wave to everyone wanting to save money and reduce noise.

Brian Insley

Residential Customer
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FW products should be considered by govt, power supply authorities and consumers to access power savings.

HJ. Young

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The Resort achieved annual energy savings of $40,470

Grand Mariner Resort

Residential resort, Qld, Australia
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This has been one of the best investments we have ever made.

D&L Cockerton

Qld Native Fish Hatchery

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